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Entry #16

Hello again Newgrounds!

2014-09-23 13:34:06 by Ahkihoun

I want to be a more active member because I love the community, but I've been so busy, that computer time is rarely on my agenda.


Actually my computer had finally crapped itself, and so I was without one for six months; which had its good and bad merits.  Bad because I was without digital art for so long and it just about nearly killed me. Good because I had to create art regardless of my lack of technology; so I went back to making traditional mediums. I fumbled around mostly with wateroclors and inks. The traditional process has taught me a lot about my current state of being with art.

First off, I understood what it was that digital art programs like photoshop and sai were trying to replicate; and understanding the traditional aspect let me understand how to use the digital tools more effectively.

Second I found a better style. Or more like my own style. I was happy with how my art came out (sometimes) but really was having an identity crisis. I knew what people liked and expected. I knew how to mimic other styles; but I never really allowed myself the freedom of just making something because I wanted to make it or because it was fun. After staying away from the computer, I was able to realize what types of art I found really inspiring; rather than jonesing after artists who were substantially better than myself.


I'm still not quite happy with where I'm at currently with my style. But its closer to something I'm proud to call mine. Once I get into a better habit of just making without thinking too much, I think I'll be on a better road.


For those who watch me, read my journals or comment on my art. Thanks. I'm sorry I'm not around more often to engadge you in conversation; but I hope to change that. And you all know who you are.


Lets keep the fires lit.


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2014-09-23 22:47:31

Hai thar. :D

Ahkihoun responds:

Why hello there! I believe I do recognize your icon from the current salad fingers art you did. Nice to hear from you, and thanks for visiting friend!